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Plane lace bug

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Plane lace bug


The plane lace bug (Corythucha ciliata), also known as the sycamore lace bug, is
an insect pest of plane trees (Platanus species). It can reduce growth and weaken
affected trees making them more susceptible to other pests and diseases. After
several consecutive years of severe infestation, combined with other stress factors
such as drought, the plane lace bug can cause mortality in plane trees, with young
trees being particularly at risk. In large numbers this pest can also cause major public
nuisance problems because it can land on people in parks, invade homes and has
even occasionally been reported to bite humans, which can result in dermatitis

Publisher: - Forest Research - more

Year: - 2017

Authors: - Dr Suzanne Sancisi-Frey, Forest Research

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