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Ancient Trees :Trees That Live for a Thousand Years

Ancient Trees :Trees That Live for a Thousand Years


Anna Lewington, the well-known writer on all things botanical, and leading wildlife photographer Edward Parker provide an illuminating and visually striking history of each tree species, including where the long-living species can still be found, the tree's botanical details, and its mythical associations. Species covered: Redwood, Bristlecone pine, Montezuma Cypress, the Monkey Puzzle, Amazonian Ancients, Yew, Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Lime, Olive, Welwitschia, the Baobab, Kauri, Totara, Antarctic Beech, the Fig, Cedar, and Ginkgo.

224 pages. 200 colour images
ISBN: 9781849940580

Publisher: - Batsford - more

Code: - ISBN: 9781849940580

Year: - 2012

Authors: - Anna Lewington

Availability: - out of print

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