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Illustrated Trees of Britain and Northern Europe

Illustrated Trees of Britain and Northern Europe


Trees are of enduring interest to naturalists and gardeners alike, and this extraordinary book is one of the most magnificent volumes ever published on the subject. The first edition (2003) published as Cassell's Encyclopedia of Trees was widely praised and proved popular with arborists and all tree lovers.

This edition has been extensively revised and lengthened with improvements to paintings and texts throughout. 90 or so trees of Mediterranean regions not included in the 1st ed. have been added Every European species is covered within its 832 pages as well as many introduced species from all over the world. In addition to an authoritative text, each species is illustrated with artwork depicting leaves, flowers, fruits and bark as well as images of the whole tree, both in leaf and bare in the case of deciduous trees.

This updated volume is the most comprehensive work on European trees ensuring that it will remain a key reference work for years to come.

832 pages.

Publisher: - Bloomsbury Publishing - more

Code: - ISBN:9781408123669

Year: - 2013

Authors: - David More

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