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The Genus Sorbus: Mountain Ashes and Other Rowans

Further Information:
Hardback; with dust-jacket
236 pages. Eighteen full-page paintings by the renowned artist Josephine Hague, and over 100 colour photographs, illustrate the text.
ISBN -13 9781842460887
ISBN -10 1842460889

The Genus Sorbus: Mountain Ashes and Other Rowans


Varying from tiny mountain shrubs to tall trees, there is a rowan suitable for every garden. Dr McAllister has 25 years of knowledge and experience in growing rowans, and in this book describes over 60 visually striking species, including recent introductions from China. The re-appraisal of classification, evolutionary history, ecology and conservation will bring botanists up to date on latest research, while sections on propagation and cultivation will prove invaluable to gardeners, nurserymen and horticulturists.

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Publisher: - Kew Publishing - more

Code: - ISBN: 9781842460887

Year: - 2009 reprint (2005)

Authors: - Hugh McAllister

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