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The Practical Science of Planting Trees

The Practical Science of Planting Trees

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This comprehensive volume is an up-to-date synthesis of the research devoted to planting urban trees. Designed to help readers understand and implement the appropriate practices vital to planting a tree, it offers guidance to improve success and establish healthy trees that will last a lifetime. This updated volume includes an abundance of full colour photographs and illustrations, and provides information to:
Understanding the biology of plant response during digging, planting, and establishment at the new site;
Developing a basic understanding of how the transition to a new environment affects trees;
Minimizing future tree problems through proper site preparation, selection, and planting.

Chapters are organized by logical steps in the planting process:
1. Understanding the challenges of planting on urban sites
2. Design for tree health and longevity
3. Choose the best tree for the site
4. Choose the best season to transplant
5. Select the best quality trees
6. Maintain quality to the planting site
7. Make sure the new roots get a good start
8. Support, train and protect the new tree
9. Encourage root development after planting
10. Allow time for the tree to establish
11. Provide the best care after planting.
References and Appendices.

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Code: - ISBN: 9781881956730

Year: - 2013

Authors: - Watson G W & Himelick E B

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