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Trees of Panama and Costa Rica - Hardback

Trees of Panama and Costa Rica - Hardback


This is the first field guide dedicated to the diverse tree species of Panama and Costa Rica. Featuring close to 500 tropical tree species, Trees of Panama and Costa Rica includes superb color photos, abundant color distribution maps, and concise descriptions of key characteristics, making this guide readily accessible to botanists, biologists, and casual nature lovers alike.

The invaluable introductory chapters discuss tree diversity in Central America and the basics of tree identification. Family and species accounts are treated alphabetically and describe family size, number of genera and species, floral characteristics, and relative abundance. Color distribution maps supplement the useful species descriptions, and facing-page photographic plates detail bark, leaf, flower, or fruit of the species featured. Helpful appendices contain a full glossary, a comprehensive guide to leaf forms, and a list of families not covered.

This is the only tree guide to cover both Panama and Costa Rica together. It covers almost 500 species; 438 high-resolution color photos; 480 color distribution maps; and, two general maps. It includes concise and jargon-free descriptions of key characteristics for every species. Full glossary and guide to leaf forms are included.

552 pages, 428 color illus, 483 maps.

Publisher: - University Presses of California, Columbia and Princeton - more

Code: - ISBN: 9780691147079

Year: - 2010

Authors: - R. Perez, R. Condit and N. Daguerre

Availability: - Out of print

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